CameraConfig.set_lens_calibration(fn: str, chessboard_size: Optional[Tuple] = (9, 6), max_imgs: Optional[int] = 30, plot: Optional[bool] = True, progress_bar: Optional[bool] = True, **kwargs)[source]#

Calibrates and sets the properties camera_matrix and dist_coeffs using a video of a chessboard pattern. Follows methods described on

  • fn (str) – path to video file

  • df (int, optional) – amount of frames to skip after a valid frame with corner points is found, defaults to fps of video.

  • chessboard_size (tuple, optional) – amount of internal corner points expected on chessboard pattern, default is (9, 6).

  • max_imgs (int, optional) – maximum amount of images to use for calibration (default: 30).

  • tolerance (float, optional) – error tolerance alowed for reprojection of corner points (default: 0.1, if set to None, no filtering will be done). images that exceed the tolerance are excluded from calibration. This is to remove images with spuriously defined points, or blurry images.

  • plot (bool, optional) – if set, chosen frames will be plotted for the user to inspect on-=the-fly with a one-second delay (default: True).

  • progress_bar (bool, optional) – if set, a progress bar going through the frames is plotted (default: True).