User install#

To install pyorc, you will need a package manager in the Anaconda/Miniconda ecosystem such as conda or mamba.

We recommend using the Mambaforge Python distribution. This installs Python and the mamba package manager. Miniforge and Miniconda will install Python and the conda package manager.

In general, mamba is a lot faster than conda and requires less memory.

Installation from conda-forge package#

We always recommend working in a dedicated virtual environment for pyorc. If you need a new virtual environment, then you can make and then activate one with the following commands

$ conda create --name <YOUR-FAVORITE-NAME>
$ conda activate <YOUR-FAVORITE-NAME>

Naturally <YOUR-FAVORITE-NAME> should be replaced by a name of your liking for instance pyorc. If you already have a virtual environment, then please skip the first line, and only use the last line to activate the environment you want to use.

Once the environment is prepared, install the latest conda-forge package, with all dependencies using the following command:

$ conda install -c conda-forge pyopenrivercam

Mamba users will have a faster experience. They can use the following command instead:

$ mamba install -c conda-forge pyopenrivercam

Installation from pypi with pip#

This may be useful for deployment on servers or Docker environments. First activate the environment you want pyorc to be installed in (if you don’t care about virtual environments, then simply skip this step). Dependencies rasterio, geopandas and cartopy are known to be difficult to install with pip. Therefore, we highly recommend to use a conda environment that already includes these dependencies before installation. If you don’t have them yet, install them as follows:

$ conda activate <name-of-your-environment>
$ conda install -c conda-forge cartopy geopandas rasterio

Then get the pyorc library from pypi using

$ pip install pyopenrivercam


Since version 0.5.1 we also support installation under the Raspberry Pi platform. Please follow the instructions for installation from pypi with pip. pyorc only works on Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit Operating System. On 32-bit the package will not be found in the pypi repositories.

Installation from latest code base#

To install the latest (unreleased) version from github, replace the last command shown in the previous section by:

$ pip install git+


You may have to uninstall pyorc first to successfully install from github.