CameraConfig.plot_bbox(ax=None, camera=False, transformer=None, h_a=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Plot bounding box for orthorectification in a geographical projection (camera=False) or the camera Field Of View (camera=True).

  • ax (plt.axes, optional) – if not provided, axes is setup (Default: None)

  • camera (bool, optional) – If set to True, all camera config information will be back projected to the original camera objective.

  • transformer (pyproj transformer transformation function, optional) – used to reproject bbox to axes object projection (e.g. lat lon)

  • h_a (float, optional) – If set with camera=True, then the bbox coordinates will be transformed to the camera perspective, using h_a as a present water level. In case a video with higher (lower) water levels is used, this will result in a different perspective plane than the control video.



Return type:

matplotlib.patch mappable