Transect.get_q(v_corr=0.9, fill_method='zeros')[source]#

Depth integrated velocity for quantiles of time series using a correction v_corr between surface velocity and depth-average velocity.

  • v_corr (float, optional) – correction factor (default: 0.9)

  • fill_method (str, optional) – method to fill missing values. “zeros” fills NaNS with zeros, “interpolate” interpolates values from nearest neighbour, “log_interp” interpolates values linearly with velocities scaled by the log of depth over a roughness length, “log_fit” fits a 4-parameter logarithmic profile with depth and with changing velocities towards banks on known velocities, and fills missing with the fitted relationship (experimental) (Default value = “zeros”).


ds – Transect for selected quantiles in time, with “q_nofill” containing the integrated values, and “q” the integrated values, filled with chosen fill method.

Return type: