CameraConfig.get_M(h_a: Optional[float] = None, to_bbox_grid: Optional[bool] = False, reverse: Optional[bool] = False) ndarray[source]#

Establish a transformation matrix for a certain actual water level h_a. This is done by mapping where the ground control points, measured at h_ref will end up with new water level h_a, given the lens position.

  • h_a (float, optional) – actual water level [m] (Default: None)

  • to_bbox_grid (bool, optional) – if set, the M will be computed in row, column values of the target bbox, with set resolution

  • reverse (bool, optional) – if True, the reverse matrix is prepared, which can be used to transform projected coordinates back to the original camera perspective. (Default: False)


M – 2x3 transformation matrix

Return type: