CameraConfig.plot(figsize: Optional[Tuple] = (13, 8), ax: Optional[Axes] = None, tiles: Optional[Any] = None, buffer: Optional[float] = 0.0005, zoom_level: Optional[int] = 19, camera: Optional[bool] = False, tiles_kwargs: Optional[Dict] = {}) Axes[source]#

Plot the geographical situation of the CameraConfig. This is very useful to check if the CameraConfig seems to be in the right location. Requires cartopy to be installed.

  • figsize (tuple, optional) – width and height of figure (Default value = (13)

  • ax (plt.axes, optional) – if not provided, axes is setup (Default: None)

  • tiles (str, optional) – name of tiler service to use (called as attribute from (Default: None)

  • buffer (float, optional) – buffer in lat-lon around points, used to set extent (default: 0.0005)

  • zoom_level (int, optional) – zoom level of image tiler service (default: 18)

  • camera (bool, optional) – If set to True, all camera config information will be back projected to the original camera objective.

  • **tiles_kwargs – additional keyword arguments to pass to ax.add_image when tiles are added

  • 8)



Return type: