CameraConfig.set_gcps(src: List[List], dst: List[List], z_0: float, h_ref: Optional[float] = None, crs: Optional[Any] = None)[source]#

Set ground control points for the given CameraConfig

  • src (list of lists (2, 4 or 6+)) – [x, y] pairs of columns and rows in the frames of the original video

  • dst (list of lists (2, 4 or 6+)) – [x, y] or [x, y, z] pairs of real world coordinates in the given coordinate reference system.

  • z_0 (float) – Water level measured in global reference system such as a geoid or ellipsoid used by a GPS device. All other surveyed points (lens position and cross section) must have the same vertical reference.

  • h_ref (float, optional) – Water level, belonging to the 4 control points in dst. This is the water level as measured by a local reference (e.g. gauge plate) during the surveying of the control points. Control points must be taken on the water surface. If a single movie is processed, h_ref can be left out. (Default: None)

  • crs (int, dict or str, optional) – Coordinate Reference System. Accepts EPSG codes (int or str) proj (str or dict) or wkt (str). CRS used to measure the control points (e.g. 4326 for WGS84 lat-lon). Destination control points will automatically be reprojected to the local crs of the CameraConfig. (Default: None)