Velocimetry.mask.angle(angle_expected=1.5707963267948966, angle_tolerance=0.7853981633974483)#

filters on the expected angle. The function filters points entirely where the mean angle over time deviates more than input parameter angle_bounds (in radians). The function also filters individual estimates in time, in case the user wants this (filter_per_timestep=True), in case the angle on a specific time step deviates more than the defined amount from the average. note: this function does not work appropriately, if the expected angle (+/- anglebounds) are within range of zero, as zero is the same as 2*pi. This exception may be resolved in the future if necessary.

  • angle_expected (float) – angle (0 - 2*pi), measured clock-wise from vertical upwards direction, expected in the velocities, default: 0.5*np.pi (meaning from left to right in the x, y coordinate system)

  • angle_tolerance (float (0 - 2*pi)) – maximum deviation from expected angle allowed (default: 0.25 * np.pi).


mask – mask applicable to input dataset with ds.velocimetry.filter(mask). If inplace=True, the dataset will be returned masked with mask.

Return type: