Frames.to_ani(fn, figure_kwargs={'figsize': (16, 9), 'frameon': False}, video_kwargs={'dpi': 120, 'extra_args': ['-vcodec', 'libx264'], 'fps': 10}, anim_kwargs={'blit': False, 'interval': 20}, progress_bar=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Store an animation of the frames in the object

  • fn (str) – path to file to which animation is stored

  • figure_kwargs (dict, optional) – keyword args passed to matplotlib.pyplot.figure (Default value = const.FIGURE_ARGS)

  • video_kwargs (dict, optional) – keyword arguments passed to save method of animation, containing parameters such as the frame rate, dpi and codec settings to use. (Default value = const.VIDEO_ARGS)

  • anim_kwargs (dict, optional) – keyword arguments passed to matplotlib.animation.FuncAnimation to control the animation. (Default value = const.ANIM_ARGS)

  • **kwargs (keyword arguments to pass to matplotlib.pyplot.imshow) –